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Sierra Send- Sharing the Hope of Christ in Mexico

Who are the Tarahumara?

The Tarahumara are an indigenous community of approximately 100,000 people inhabiting Mexico's isolated Copper Canyon. Sadly, the Tarahumara have endured centuries of political oppression, famine, drought and recent cartel violence. Due to limited access to medical care, contaminated water and food scarcity, up to 50% of children may die in the first few years of life. More than 95% of Tarahumara adults are illiterate. Perhaps the deepest need of the Tarahumara is freedom from the fear and spiritual bondage that has controlled their people for generations.

Only in recent years have doors begun opening for the Tarahumara to hear God’s story of love and salvation in their own ancient language. Sierra Send is a Christian non-profit organization created to empower, train and equip the Tarahumara people to plant, grow and lead their own churches.

Our vision is that every Tarahumara family would know Jesus.

The Mission:

SERVE: Express the love of Jesus by meeting practical needs through mobile medical clinics and emergency food distribution programs

TEACH: Share the Gospel with non-literate people using MP3 players with audio Bibles and videos in the native language

EQUIP: Empower the Tarahumara believers to disciple and train their own people

GATHER: Create opportunities for new believers to gather, worship and learn together

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