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Christ Community Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ who glorify God by following Christ daily. We are serious about discipleship because we believe in the lordship of Jesus Christ and in the gospel's power to change peoples lives. 

Since our founding, CCC has been guided by four core values:

1. Biblical Integrity

Biblical integrity points to the authority and sufficieny of Scripture to guide all that we do. We truly believe that the Bible is the complete revelation of God to his
people and as such we believe Scripture should guide all that we do as a church. The central theme of Scripture is the Christ-centered, redemptive message of the gospel and its implication for all of life. We are committed to the clear and accurate communication of God's Word in a way that exalts Christ, expounds the gospel, ministers grace and urges obedience. As leaders, the pastors and elders at CCC humbly strive to stand not on their own authority but on the authority of Scripture. This value is reflected in the steady diet of biblically-rich expository preaching, but also in the way we lead small groups, govern the church and counsel.

2. Spiritual Vitality

We are committed to individual and corporate life that is alive with the fruit and power of the Holy Spirit. One of our key convictions about the Christian life is that the gospel is not just the way into the Christian life but the source of power for the whole Christian life. Therefore the deep implications of the gospel must be
continually rediscovered and applied to all of life. Religious and legalistic efforts at behavior change only result in sin management not heart-deep transformation. True spiritual vitality is only experienced as we continually turn from the idols of our hearts to find our life in our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Therefore the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit in directing believers to the fullness of Christ and of God is a familiar theme in worship, teaching and counseling.

3. Ministry

We are committed to a team model for ministry and organization that equips and empowers every member and leader. At the time of the Reformation this value was rediscovered through the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers. We believe that every member is to play an active and important part of doing the work of ministry. Many normal ongoing needs for encouragement, visiting, practical and spiritual help, accountability and exhortation are best cared for as believers minister to one another—whether through friendships, small groups, or ministry positions. This does not mean that the pastors and elders are not actively engaged in these labors, but rather that they see a significant part of their ministry as equipping the members of the church in their individual ministries through encouragement and practical help.

4. Mission

We are committed to being a missional church. Without in any way lessoning the importance of foreign missions, we want to fully embrace the challenge of reaching an increasingly unchurched culture with the gospel in our community. We are therefore committed to work together to bring lost people into a personal relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to maturity in Christ, as disciples who bring glory and honor to Him.