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Co-Workers With God

September 6, 2015 Speaker: Series: Co-Workers With God

This si the beginning of a short series titled: “Coworkers with God: Living Everyday With Purpose”.

Before you check out because you feel you are already too burdened with responsibilities and things to do. Consider the fact that much of what Jesus teaches us is sort of paradoxical or counter intuitive. This is no different. For Jesus learning to think of yourself as a co-worker with God in this world is not one more responsibility to add to your "to do" lists.

It is a way of taking to heart a vision for life, that is challenging but that is also inspiring. A vision for life that frees you from so much of what will overwhelm you if you just live for yourself. When Paul wrote to the Thessalonians he called Timothy a coworker with God. Jesus told his followers, as the Father sent me, I'm sending you. We have a mission. We are a community of people sent by Jesus, to live like Jesus and to be coworkers with God.

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