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Lights in the World

December 28, 2014 Speaker: Series: 1 Peter: The True Grace of God for the Real Issues of Life

Topic: Complaining Passage: Philippians 2:14–2:19

Pastor Larry Kirk teaches a deeply practical message from 2 Peter on curbing complaining in our lives and being lights in the world.

Application points:
1. Commit to stop complaining and work at that faithfully.

2. Let that commitment to stop complaining transform the impulse to complain into a powerful push to go deeper with God because it is the only way you will change.

3. Accept the imperfections of life and give up unrealistic unhelpful expectations of life and of others.

4. Counter complaining with thanksgiving. Thank God out loud for his goodness to you - remember who he is and what he has done for you.

5. Turn repeatedly and consistently to Scripture for clarity and perspective. What is that you need to believe about God and his grace that will empower you to surrender and to trust in him? You have to fight this battle in your mind and heart. Don't give into to grumbling and disputing thoughts without countering and correcting those thoughts.

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