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God is Holy and He is Worthy

December 13, 2015 Speaker: Series: Revelation: A Spiritual Vision for Strength and Blessing.

Passage: Revelation 4

Do you believe that you can have faith and worship God when a lot of things in life are a mess? When the shooting took place in San Bernardino recently many people posted on social media that they were offering up “thoughts and prayers”. But as you may know, there was a negative reaction to that. The New York Daily News published a headline that took up the whole front page and said; “God isn’t fixing this.” It accused those who were tweeting “thoughts and prayers” of offering up cowardly and empty platitudes instead of taking meaningful action. The hashtag: “#godisn’tfixingthis” began trending after that on Twitter. There was a passionate debate about it as you can imagine.

I thought about all that this week because we have these issues going on in the world, and people have big issues hanging over their lives. I imagine you could read Revelation 4 and wonder how all this sci-fi-ish imagery of God in heaven helps you face your life on earth. The truth is these truths from Revelation have helped people and can help you if you will see and hear what it is telling you about God and about life.

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