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The Ultimate Reality

October 11, 2015 Speaker: Series: Revelation: A Spiritual Vision for Strength and Blessing.

Passage: Revelation 1:4–9

The second message in our study through the book of Revelation:

Everyday we form values, make decisions and experience emotions based on our limited perceptions. The word “Revelation” from the Greek word apocalypsis, means an “unveiling”. The idea is that there is a veil that is obscuring ultimate reality from our perception. Physicists and philosophers debate this idea of “the ultimate reality” – A website devoted to the issue asks this question: What is the deepest nature of things? Our world is complex, filled with so much stuff. But down below, what's most fundamental, what is ultimate. Revelation unveils the ultimate reality - the thing that gives us the greatest strength, clarity and joy - the one ultimate truth that everything else hinges on.

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