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"What Will Happen When Christ Returns?" and "What Is The Final Judgment?"

August 19, 2015 Speaker: Series: Systematic Theology Class 2015

Topic: End Times

Week 10 of our summer systematic Theogy class! Pastor Curtis discusses, "What Will Happen When Christ Returns?" and "What Is The Final Judgment?"

Accompanying notes and files:

What Will happen When Christ Returns

Hello Friends,

This week we began to talk about the final phase of the story of the world as revealed in the Bible. What Will Happen When Christ Returns? What Is The Final Judgment? The answers to these questions should give us confidence and hope. They form an important part of the Bible’s story, and should stir us to worship. I hope we were able to clear up some confusion, and show the importance of these doctrines.

Read Ch. 20 "What Is Heaven?"

Notes for Week 10 attached

Additional Materials:
Sermon on Revelation 20 by Dr. Tom Schreiner of Southern Seminary

If you're interested in arguments for and against the different views of the millennium, this link is a pdf of notes from a talk Grudem gave.

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