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"What is Sin?" and "Who is Christ?"

July 15, 2015 Speaker: Series: Systematic Theology Class 2015

Topic: Systematic Theology

This is week 5 from our summer systematic theology class where Curtis discusses "what is sin" and "who is Christ?"

Accompanying notes and files:

What is Sin? 
Who is Christ?


Hello Friends!

This week we covered "What Is Sin?" and "Who is Christ?" Of course, both of these are crucial as we move on this coming Wednesday to talk about the atonement and resurrection. That is, What are we being saved from? and Who is doing the saving? and What are we saved to?

Read Ch. 10-11 in Christian Beliefs on "What Is The Atonement?" and "What Is The Resurrection?".

Notes attached for Week 5 Session 1 & 2.

Additional Materials:
Someone asked me a question about the inseparability of Jesus's human and divine natures. The first answer that came to mind is that God's purpose in redemption is to restore humanity to its original intended purpose of reigning over the earth. So, Christ will reign forever as the New Adam (fully man) and Incarnate Word (fully divine).

Here are some Scriptures that support the definition Chalcedon articulated:

Romans 1:1-5 (two natures in one person, not two persons)
1 Timothy 2:5 (one mediator)
Both human and divine abilities are attributed to the one person:
Hebrews 13:8 (divine attributed to the whole)
Acts 3:15 (human function applied to divine)
Matthew 28:18 (divine attributed to the whole)

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