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What is God Like?

June 10, 2015 Speaker: Series: Systematic Theology Class 2015

Topic: Systematic Theology

This is the second session of our summer Systematic Theology class titled, "What is God Like?" In it, Pastor Larry teaches on the attributes of God and the doctine of the Trinity. 

Here are the accompanying notes and files:

1. Attributes of God Chart
2. Systematic Theology Class #2 Notes, part 1
3. Systematic Theology Class #2 Notes, part 2


Hello Friends!

Thanks for making it through week two of our summer Theology class!

This week we covered "What Is God Like?" and "What is the Trinity?" It was a lot to try to cover in the time we had but I thought we did pretty well. Here are the notes in digital form so that you can review what we covered and read whatever we didn't get to.

Based on the syllabus you should read Ch. 4 & 7 What is Creation? and What is Man? in Christian Beliefs.

I've attached the notes from class as well as the attributes chart (see above #1-3). In addition here is a link to check what might be an interesting perspective regarding the trinity.