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He Descended Into Hell

March 29, 2015 Speaker: Series: A Person to Trust

Topic: The Apostle's Creed Passage: Matthew 27:41–27:46

For the sake of clarity I want to give you the conclusion at the very beginning. I believe when we confess these dramatic words in the creed we should not think of something that we imagine happening after the crucifixion but of something powerful that happened during the crucifxion. Yes, Jesus suffered the anguish of hell for us, but he did so, not after he had been crucified, but on the cross, in the darkness, when he cried, “my God my God why have you forsaken me?” Our salvation is an amazing even mysterious miracle of God's grace that required the sheltering love of Christ, who on the cross, took the full impact of hell for us. That's life changing. The more you you take it to heart, the more powerfully it changes you from the inside out.

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