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Biblical & Theological Training

We are excited to partner with Ligonier Ministries to offer this unique training opportunity for emerging leaders and members of Christ Community.  CCC Biblical & Theological Training is an online, video-based, theological curriculum and learning tool which we will provide at no cost to you.  Through this partnership with Ligonier, we are able to offer theological education including: Bible overview, Systematic Theology, Biblical Interpretation, and a lot more.

The typical coursework consists of watching video lectures, additional reading, quizzes, answering online discussion posts, and occassional short written assignments.

Example One Year Curriculum (less than 2hrs per week).

 Gospels surveyBible Overview
 PrinciplesPrinciples of Biblical Interpretation
 ST 1Systematic Theology
 Doctrine of the Holy SpiritDoctrine of the Holy Spirit

Because CCC will incur costs based on the number of participants enrolled, we ask you to prayerfully consider the following three commitments before signing up:

1. To pursue the courses available to me with diligence.
2. To endeavor to put into practice, and share with others what I have learned.
3. To communicate to CCC if I am no longer participating in, or would like to be removed from the program.

If you're ready to join this training program, and commit to the process, please fill out the form here:

CCC Biblical & Theological Training Application