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9:15am – 10:15am

Location: 329 N. Williamson Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Category: Discipleship | Coordinator: Phil Bellomy

Fall 2023 Equip Class Schedule

  • Who Do I Say I Am (9/10) – Jesus asks us to trust Him and give ourselves
    unreservedly to Him. In this session, we explore the things Jesus said about Himself that are utterly outrageous if they were not true. Yet these statements encourage us to believe His promises and follow Him.
  • The Cross and Resurrection (9/17) – In 2 Cor. 11:4, Paul is concerned that false teachers were preaching “another Jesus” and “a different Gospel”. Paul would be even more concerned today! Who (and what) is at the heart of the Gospel that we profess?
  • The Christian and the Law (9/24) – Since we are saved by grace through faith, is difficult obedience legalism? Should we just follow the Spirit’s leading? What about all of those OT laws that no one bothers with anymore?
  • Getting Faith and Repentance Right (10/1) How do I invite others to enter the kingdom of God? God calls us to follow in faith and repentance, but if misunderstood, these doctrines can either be dismissed entirely or become impossible standards to meet.
  • The Importance of Works (10/8) – The Scriptures state clearly that we are not saved by works, but that we will stand before Christ to give an account for our deeds. What gives?! How will I be judged…and what does this mean for the way I live my life.
  • The Holy Spirit: Our Shepherd in This life (10/15) – …the beautiful and encouraging story of the Spirit’s means and methods of shepherding us safely to our eternal home, while enabling and empowering us for faithful service.
  • The Holy Spirit: Misunderstandings and Abuses (10/22) - What does it mean to be “filled” with the Holy Spirit. What should we make of our Christian friends who speak in tongues? What does true revival look like? What about miracles, revelations, and “God told me…” claims?
  • The Sovereignty of God - (10/29) “If God is really in control, he’s certainly made a mess of it!” … or has He? Coming to terms with God’s sovereignty means coming to terms with other aspects of His character as well. Properly understood, this doctrine is immensely comforting and necessary for the oft-quoted Romans 8:28 to be true. It is actually a correlate of saying, “Jesus is Lord.”
  • How we got the OT /NT (11/5)–There are many texts from both the OT and NT eras that were not included in Christian scriptures… and a couple of books that were included that “barely” made it into the canon. Was this process a result primarily of political forces driven by power interests, or were other forces at work? What do we make of textual variants, the Apocrypha, and the pseudepigrapha (Gnostic gospels, etc.). Understanding how we got our Bible will augment your confidence in it.
  • How to (not?) study the Bible: Hermeneutics (11/12) – It has been said that one can make the Bible say anything, and unfortunately, the statement is not too far from the truth. So how do we know what the Bible was intended to say… or is it open to everyone’s own interpretation? How do we avoid misreading the Bible – as many do?
  • Experience and Scripture: Knowing God through both while avoiding pitfalls (11/19) - God speaks through both his Word and to our spirit. However, relying only on our sense of his “voice” can easily lead us astray. Refusing to allow for God’s voice through his Word will make us dull in hearing the specific obedience He may be calling us to. How do we navigate between His Word and our spiritually induced impressions?
  • **Break for Thanksgiving (11/26)**
  • Strategies for Outreach (Panel) (12/3)– In this panel discussion, we will listen to some of our members who are involved in outreach and attempt to make application to our own lives about how to be stepping into the lives of the lost.
  • Sexual Purity (12/10) - Perhaps no other topic is so hotly debated in our culture as the notion of what constitutes appropriate sexual conduct. The Bible has challenging and far-reaching comment on this topic, all designed for the protection of our consciences before God, our marriages, our churches, and our society.

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